Transformational Technologies

Endemik has extensive expertise in transformational technologies with a focus on ensuring that there’s a real business case for their implementation rather than only a trend.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

    • Break away from the weight of legacy infrastructure and into the world of HCI, setting the foundation for Cloud.
    • Native data protection capabilities.
    • Hypervisor choice (ESXi, AHV, Hyper-V).
  • Software defined scale out File and Object Services for the Cloud age.

    • Traditional NAS-type SMB and NFS file share capabilities.
    • End-user self-service restore capabilities for file shares.
    • Object Storage with full S3 capabilities for Cloud-Native application consumption.
    • Tiering of Object storage from on-prem to AWS S3.
    • Unstructured data analytics and forensic auditing capabilities.
    • Ransomware detection through monitoring and prevention through immutability.
  • Database-as-a-Service for Oracle DB, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and SAP HANA.

    • Self-service automation for traditional RDBMS engines and MongoDB.
    • Automated Database Protection (Backups) with a user-defined SLA.
    • Database Cloning capabilities to address multiple uses cases.
    • Provide patch lifecycle management for RDBMS.
  • Software defined object storage on prem with tiering to AWS whilst protecting your data from ransomware attacks. Auditory capabilities with retention locks to ensure data is protected from human error.

  • Cloud application lifecycle management – automation of application blueprints on prem and extending in the public cloud.

  • Private and public cloud cost governance and analysis.

  • Application automation – autonomous workload scaling via event management triggers.

  • Software defined micro-segmentation protecting your applications from the inside out with integration into SaaS based platform for security posture monitoring, security compliance and remediation.

  • Desktop-as-a-Service for the multi-cloud era (On-prem, AWS, Azure, GCP).

  • Container management for Kubernetes.

Strategic IT Consulting

Endemik’s philosophy ensures that business challenges are always being solved – We always begin with the end in mind.

  • Transforming traditional legacy data centre architecture into modernised software defined data centres that cater for the multi-cloud era.

  • Set the foundation for Cloud Native applications and DevOps organisational cultures with container management platforms such as Kubernetes and Racher.

  • Simple to comprehend Cloud-readiness Assessments to aid your Cloud choice decision i.e. on-prem, cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud or hybrid multi-cloud.

  • Business continuity and Disaster Recovery assessments including understanding of RPOs, RTOs, recovery plans and business risk remediation.

  • Application Infrastructure Architecture design and documentation.

  • Consulting to enable IT Automation and your journey to ITaaS and other requirements to support a DevOps/DevSecOps culture.

Nutanix Services

Specialized Expert Nutanix Services focused on maximising value from your Nutanix investment and its surrounding solution ecosystem.

  • Nutanix Platform Services

    • Best-practice and risk assessments with remediation.
    • Design and architecture blueprints.
    • Cluster implementation.
    • Cluster configuration.
    • Migration Service for legacy to HCI.
    • Migration Service for Hyper-V to AHV and ESXi to AHV.
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning design and implementation.
  • Nutanix Application and Infrastructure Automation

    • Codeless automation (X-play IFTTT engine).
    • Application blueprint design and implementation.
    • Self-service ITaaS design and implementation.
    • ServiceNow ITSM self-service integration.
  • Nutanix Cost Governance

    • Cost governance configuration and implementation.
    • Cost Analysis and Reporting.
    • Chargeback for Business Units/Cost Centres.
  • Nutanix Storage Services

    • Nutanix Files Services design and implementation.
    • Nutanix Object store design and implementation.
    • Migrations to Nutanix Files.
  • Nutanix Security

    • Nutanix Flow Security and Networking services design and implementation.
  • Nutanix Database-as-a-Service

    • Nutanix Era design and implementation.
    • Migrations from legacy to Nutanix Era.
  • Desktop as a Service

    • Nutanix VDI design and implementation.
    • Nutanix Desktop-as-a-Service design and implementation.

Microsoft SQL Server Services

Specialised and Specific Microsoft SQL Server Consulting to extract maximum value from your Microsoft SQL Server investment.

  • Health and risk assessments with remediation.

  • Best Practice Analysis and implementation.

  • Performance Analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Database Upgrades and Migrations between versions and data centre locations.

  • HA and DR designs.

  • Software licensing optimisations.