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Who We Are

About Endemik

Your preferred IT services partner in Africa

We’re customer-obsessed pragmatic and passionate problem solvers, striving to be the preferred IT services partner in Africa. Endemik’s founders are South African IT industry veterans with over 80 years of cumulative experience and proven track records with their customers. We bring a modern and pragmatic approach with our services and we put our customers first in each and every engagement.

Endemik - IT Services

Meet The Team

Andrew Senior

Andrew has more than 20 years of IT technical skills and technical sales and business experience. Andrew specialises in application infrastructure automation, databases and cloud.

Craigh Stuart

Craigh has more than 25 years of IT technical skills, technical sales and business experience. Craigh specialises in hyperconvergence, virtualisation and cloud.

Henry Ferreira

Henry has more than 40 years of business and IT industry experience. Henry specialises in business management, sales leadership and sales channel building and development.

Bronwyn Pienaar (Saayman)

Bronwyn is an Operations Manager at Endemik, a IT Cybersecurity Distributor With a background in BCom Law from the University of Pretoria.

Vivien van der Walt

Dedicated IT Professional with more than 20 years IT experience in Financial, Medical and Insurance industries. Passion for Hyperconverged Infrastructure with experience in Nutanix, VMWare and Hyper-V. A certified Datacentre Professional with Datacentre design and relocation experience.

At Our Core

Endemik at its core embodies the values of kaizen, humility, and integrity, and places a strong emphasis on simplicity, pragmatism, and customer-centricity. Kaizen, the Japanese concept of continuous improvement, is at the heart of the organization’s approach to business, with a focus on constantly striving to improve processes and outcomes.

Humility and integrity are key tenets of our culture, with a belief in treating others with respect and honesty. Endemik prioritizes simplicity and pragmatism in all aspects of our operations, recognizing the importance of practical solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We place the customer at the centre of our business, working to understand their needs and exceeding their expectations at every turn.

Simplicity x2


Complexity hinders progress. We believe that simplicity is beautiful and drives innovation.

Customers First

Customers First

We put our customers and their needs first.

Kaizen x2


A Japanese term meaning “change for the better”. We strive to continuously improve in everything that we do.

Humility x2


We remain grounded in everything that we do.

Integrity x2


We do what we say, we do what’s right.

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