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It’s time for a different approach

Endemik delivers customer-centric transformative software-based IT Services and Solutions focused entirely on unlocking true business value.

Who We Are

Your preferred IT services partner in Africa

We’re customer-obsessed pragmatic and passionate problem solvers, striving to be the preferred IT services partner in Africa. Endemik’s founders are South African IT industry veterans with over 80 years of cumulative experience and proven track records with their customers. We bring a modern and pragmatic approach with our services and we put our customers first in each and every engagement.

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What We Do

IT Services and Solutions that transform today’s businesses

We deliver IT services focused entirely on delivering positive business outcomes to our customers and their businesses. We bring extensive experience and expertise, tightly coupled with our builder’s mindset and an always pragmatic approach.


Endemik provides value-added distribution services in sub-Saharan Africa, focused on bringing modern and disruptive technologies to market. We provide a range of services, including product development, marketing, sales, and distribution, to help overcome the challenges of entering these new markets.


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Consulting and Services

Endemik is a leading provider of technical consulting services, specializing in Nutanix, Cloud, Virtualization, and SQL Server databases. With extensive industry experience, Endemik offers a wide range of services, including solution design, solution implementation, and managed services with SLAs.


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Endemik is a leading value-added reseller of transformative and disruptive solutions that enhance and improve operations for organizations. Their product range includes data center and cybersecurity solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.


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Our Partnerships

We partner with dreamers, builders and believers.

We partner with software-centric transformative technology providers to bring about tangible and impactful business change. We partner with dreamers, builders and believers.


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