It’s time for a different approach

Endemik delivers customer-centric transformative software-based IT Services and Solutions focused entirely on unlocking true business value.

Your preferred IT services partner in Africa

We’re customer-obsessed pragmatic and passionate problem solvers, striving to be the preferred IT services partner in Africa.

Endemik’s founders are South African IT industry veterans with over 80 years of cumulative experience and proven track records with their customers. We bring a modern and pragmatic approach with our services and we put our customers first in each and every engagement.

IT Services and Solutions that

transform today’s businesses

We deliver IT services focused entirely on delivering positive business outcomes to our customers and their businesses. We bring extensive experience and expertise, tightly coupled with our builder’s mindset and an always pragmatic approach.

Transformational Technologies

Legacy IT data centre technologies are burdensome and negatively impact your business’s bottom line. Let us help you realise efficiencies through intelligent and automated systems. Endemik specialises in implementation and operation of modern data centre technologies.

Strategic IT Consulting

Today’s IT landscape is vast and software-centric. Let us help you make sense of the clutter and focus in on what addresses your challenges and what’s important for your business’s strategic initiatives.

Nutanix Services

Specialised Expert Nutanix Services focused on maximising value from your Nutanix investment and its surrounding solution ecosystem.

Microsoft SQL Server Services

Specialised and Specific Microsoft SQL Server Consulting including but not limited to Design and Implementation, Upgrades and Migrations, Optimised Software Licensing, Performance Tuning and Optimization.

Endemik’s Founders

Endemik’s founders have over 80 years of cumulative IT industry experience and promise to bring a highly professional and differentiated experience to their customers.

Andrew Senior

Andrew has more than 20 years of IT technical skills and technical sales and business experience. Andrew specialises in application infrastructure automation, databases and cloud.

Craigh Stuart

Craigh has more than 25 years of IT technical skills, technical sales and business experience. Craigh specialises in hyperconvergence, virtualisation and cloud.

Henry Ferreira

Henry has more than 40 years of business and IT industry experience. Henry specialises in business management, sales leadership and sales channel building and development.

Our Partnerships

We partner with software-centric transformative technology providers to bring about tangible and impactful business change. We partner with dreamers, builders and believers.

At Our Core

These principles are at our core and visible in everything that we do.

Customers First

We put our customers and their needs first.


Complexity hinders progress. We believe that simplicity is beautiful and drives innovation.


A Japanese term meaning “change for the better”. We strive to continuously improve in everything that we do.


We remain grounded in everything that we do.


We do what we say, we do what’s right.

Contact Us

We’re based in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa.

We believe we can bring new ideas and creative problem solving to your business and IT operations. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.